The 3D Revolution is going on. We are leading innovators in professional 3D photogrammetry. Our 3D scanners are among the fastest and the best in the world 

Augmented Reality:
3D data sets in high quality

Design & Lifestyle:
Printing of 3D figurines, individual prototypes

Arts & Science:
Virtual museums & auction houses, archiving or monument protection

Architecture & Construction Engineering:
Planning & visualization

Virtual Reality:
Transfer into movie & gaming scenarios, computer graphics & VFX

There is a wide range of applications for our 3D scanners, from the health care industry, home appliances, art and fashion, to digital services.

Medical & Medical Engineering:
Diagnostics, prevention & prosthodontics

Research & developement, production, quality control & design

Process enhancement, for example for the production process of vehicles

E-Commerce & Retail:
Product presentation in 3D or 360° for marketing & distribution

Virtual fitting, online trade, mass customization